Skyzoo Upholds Classic New York Rap On “Peddler Themes EP”


h3vsomxt59gd.jpg(AllHipHop Reviews) Skyzoo has been dope. BEEN DOPE. However, we have yet to see him breakout on a level that he so justly deserves. Well, the Peddlers Theme is another victory for the New York based rapper. Skyzoo doesn’t get nearly enough credit for spitting and offering conceptual albums. Peddlers Themes is no different, as he weaved New York-centric songs to the sounds of Apollo Brown, !llmind, Marc Nfinit, and others. There is nothing but classic Hip-Hop here.

Below are a few of sample songs.



1 thought on “Skyzoo Upholds Classic New York Rap On “Peddler Themes EP””

  1. cheap beats. Anyone who really knows classic NYC hiphop knows its downfall was when emcees abandoned the great producers. Skyzoo used to work with 9th wonder. Step your game up Skyzoo.

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