Tory Lanez Claps Back With New Mane After Hair Becomings A Trending Topic

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez's hair took on a life of its own today!

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The Internet is universally talking about Tory Lanez right now. You would think that the chatter was because of liens is penchant for the Internet and Megan Thee Stallion, but it’s not that.

Somebody managed to capture Tory playing a pick up game of basketball with the homey‘s. In the picture, which would generally be something regular, we see his hair looking very patchy. In fact, it looks terrible as if he was losing his hair. Now in the past Tory has been honest about his issues with his hair but it just seemed like his hairline was receding. This image looks like his hair is patchy as someone who perhaps suffers from alopecia.

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Needless to say the Internet went berserk over the pictures and commenced to making fun of Tory persistently throughout the day. Some said it was karma, others said it was hair plugs gone wild and others just said that he needs to get his hair cut. No matter what it is, he must have been in a very comfortable space and someone very near to him took that picture because I can’t see him allowing access to the paparazzi with his hair looking like that. At bare minimum, he would put on a dad cap and turn it backwards to play basketball.

I guess we’ll have to see what he says about it in his next song or album. I know he’s addressed it before but this is a lot.

Looking like Tory is back…he has something for the haters that call him names.

Wow! He literally went to thee PLUG.

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