Slick Rick May Possibly Be Making New Music!


Photo via Montell Jordan’s Instagram

Slick Rick has finally become a U.S. citizen! With this, also comes the possibility of new music. Slick Rick also finally had a chance to perfrom with Montell Jordan as Jordan’s classic “This Is How We Do It” samples Slick’s classic “Children’s Story.” Rick has recently reflected on his past collaborations and shows with artists such as Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Chamillionaire, Asher Roth, Mos Def, Raekwon, etc and now he may be ready to craft a follow up to his last album, ‘The Art of Storytelling.’ Billboard caught up with Slick, and he explained that he still wants to break into some new stuff here and there.

“So when the opportunity arises, gotta dust off my shoulders, and may be able to think of a song idea here and there. It couldn’t hurt. We can just throw it out on the Internet or with a new artist. Just for fun,” said Slick Rick.”

As far as new artists, his co-signs include Drake, Missy Elliott and Kanye West.

“Missy Elliot is carrying the torch right now. Sometimes Drake strikes oil. Sometimes, other cats got it too [like] Kanye. But right now, I’d say Drake and Missy Elliot got the torch burning right now for the hood,” he says.

Although Slick is known for his storytelling, his new music may actually be noted for it’s speed, tempo, soul, melody, and swag. Are you ready for new music from Slick Rick?

18 thoughts on “Slick Rick May Possibly Be Making New Music!”

  1. lol @ “Drake got the torch burning right now for the hood”

    Don’t gas that boy Rick. Might get him killed, for no reason.

  2. Loved his verse on DA art of storytellin pt.1. I’d love to hear new music from SR.

  3. S### with that young silly shiitt. I swear Hip Hop is the only art-form where people think you need to retire after you reach a certain age….. No.. as long as you can rock the mic, roc it.
    Today: R.I.P. Prince… God Bless One Of The Greats… He was 57 and still getting it in…

  4. The Notorious GUNS

    Don’t forget he had made an ill appearance on “Just Another Case” by Cru. Low key underground classic.

  5. Here we have another young hater hating on somebody that has more talent in his pinky finger than more than half of these corny a## one hit wonder wack a## rappers n##### in the game today.n##### is ruined real hip hop for money.that s### n##### is putting out is garbage.don’t hate on a n#### that made it possible for dudes to eat.

  6. takin over the carter

    the rickster was ahead of his time and his word play would have him in another place in hip hop had he been able to put music out continuously w/o all the legal s###….. i’m trying to hear some new joints if aint littered with wack mf just to get commercial likes… gimme another lick da balls joint!

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