Lil Nas X Is Criticized For Not Helping His Alleged Drug Addict Mom

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X's mom is a source of scorn, but is it his fault?

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People are talking about the Satan Shoe star once again. Lil Nas X, unbeknownst to most people, has a mother that is a struggling addict, according to reports. A drug addict. Damn. Allegedly and all that. In the light of DMX’s untimely passing recently I guess this is now a thing. But his mother is not just any old regular drug attic. Apparently, she is out on the streets begging for food in public, like well lit places that people recognize her.

So the Internet doing what the Internet does, somebody posted a video of her begging for food. The rapper or singer or whatever Lil Nas X is is now has been publicly criticized for having his mother out there like that. And it seems like a really ugly look for one of pops biggest stars. However, I am going to have to rock with Satan Sonny Boy on this one, because people really don’t know how it is with these drug addicts. The human beings that have a major problem, don’t understand some stuff about drugs.

Addiction is a sickness and people need a lot of help as well as care to get better. They also have to want to get better. And, in the event that they don’t want to get better, there is almost nothing that can be done about it.

The sad reality is is I believe that is what we saw with DMX. Those folks that were closest to him were really clear that there was not a lot they could do for him, because he didn’t seem to want to do anything with his sickness. I mean, not to disrespect him, but he did try at times to get help but in other times, I was told there was nothing that they could do about it. Nevertheless, we still want to “talk” to the people who gave DMX drugs recently. At any rate, Lil Nas X plight with his mother is not really our concern anyway. His MOTHER is a concern and hopefully Mama X gets the help that she needs. Some of the critics only wanna diss the Lil Guy.

In the meantime, her son is going to continue on as he was and thriving in a way that only most of us can imagine. Good luck mom.

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