Lil Boosie Slaps Man, But Why?

Lil Boosie slaps mess out of man!

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Rapper Lil Boosie slaps man in a bodega! I couldn’t believe when I saw this, because it was so flagrant that I had to look it up. Also, in my view, Boosie ain’t on that type of time. Lil Boosie walks in a convenience store and a man starts talking stuff to him, but it didn’t seem quite right.

The man, overweight and damn despondent, was talking incoherently and just spitting some nonsense that didn’t seem to be that of a reasonable person. Suddenly without warning or conversation, Boosie slaps fire out of him and leans him to the side. And then, cameras come out and are taping all along. At first, I thought it was for a reality show…

White guys where on those cameras! I thought Boosie was showing off at first but it seems like he’s filming some sort of movie or documentary on his life. So he’s not showing off his acting. But a report by TMZ says that that man was paid $500 to take that slap like that. For a rap video with DaBaby? NAH! I’m wondering what we think about this? That man clearly needs money badly, because you couldn’t pay me $500 to get slapped at hard – on camera too. And I am broke! Maybe Boosie, who’s clearly successful, should have paid him a little bit more money to slap the fire out of him in that way what do you think?

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Honestly, after that Mike Tyson interview, you can’t help but look at this differently.

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