Kodak Black’s New Beef Is Getting Uglier And Uglier

Kodak Black

Kodak Black and Southside heats up like a project radiator.

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We have to blame Donald Trump for all this! Before he was bounced out of the White House, The Donald saw fit to release Kodak Black from his shackles. At the time, Kodak was very woo-is-me about his condition. He was abused and beaten up and all this stuff. Well, they wanted pity and they got it.

Now that Kodak is out, there has been no change or transformation. People love him, but there are numerous beefs that have sprouted up. Most recently, Southside is going at the Florida Geechie Man. By the way, he was seen eating the eyes out of a fish. Some say its not jarring, for me it is.

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That was a bit much.

So is Southside.

I had to do research to get to the bottom of this beef. Once upon a time, Kodak Black rapped punching Yung Miami in the stomach – WHEN SHE WAS PREGNANT. Her man Southside was NOT having it at all, as he wasn’t having it with Lil Uzi Vert. This was 2019. Blackie finally said “sorry” to both of them for being so out of pocket. In 2021, nothing has changed.

Southside said he is on his way to Miami and he wants his fade with Kodak. He even said don’t bring security. Just to the two of them.

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At first, it seemed like Kodak would only be beefing with weak people, but he seems to be in it with a predator! I don’t know a lot about Southside, but he sure is a beast, as I see it. (If I am wrong, please put it in the comments and tell me why.) At any rate, one thing has changed a bit. It seems like Kodak is talking back a bit.

Note: I cannot understand a word in this video. Honestly, I do not know if Kodak Black is talking English sometimes. I know they say he is Haitian and a Geechie and I respect both cultures – for real. He just seems like he’s on the back of the short bus most of the time. This is my opinion, not AllHipHop’s.

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Now that I think about it, I have always known about Southside for his production! It never even occurred to me that this street beast is the same dude! WOW! Southside produced “Clout,” “I Got The Keys,” “Tunnel Vision, Wicked,” “No Heart” and a bunch of other stuff. Now, he’s known for beasting!

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