Does Kanye West’s Celebrity Supersede His Current Music?


DJ Quik is not feeling Kanye West and his music/antics right now. He doesn’t believe ‘The Life Of Pablo’ is his best work. Quik believes that he fame is greater than his music right now. Quik says,

“His celebrity supersedes his talent right now. He’s a Kardashian right now. What he gonna do to me? Beat me Up? “This is a challenge. This aint a diss. Make your best music because fans aren’t stupid.”

DJ Quik is hilarious. We have to say we love how Quik tells you he’s not scared of anyone as he contiunes to talk sh*t! Gotta love Quik. Quik oftentimes keeps it real. What are your thoughts?


9 thoughts on “Does Kanye West’s Celebrity Supersede His Current Music?”

  1. Fans are very stupid. But yeah Kanye’s new musical output is a disgrace to his legacy. Cruel Summer was the beginning of the end.

  2. Brick Tamland???

    He hasn’t done anything any good since MBDTF. He’s done making good music and it’s obvious at this point. Everyone should just move on. There’s plenty of other good artist to listen to out there. Nobody can stay on top forever.

  3. I think he’s more into being a celeb or designer..I don’t listen to his music anymore..Kendrick replaced him for me…

  4. TheBlackItalian

    I agree with Quik. Kanye new album ain’t really all that. Graduation was better.

  5. Yea I dont like how he promoted his album wit the BS……if anything it turned me off from wanting to listen….to me it was a decent album tho.. but def not on rotation for me……

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