Substitute Teacher In Virginia P##### Of Parents With Slick Rick’s Lyrics


(AllHipHop News) A substitute teacher in Suffolk County, Virginia is in hot water after handing out lyrics to a Hip-Hop classic to students.

The unnamed teacher in the Suffolk County Public School system gave the lyrics to Slick Rick’s song “A Children’s Story,” to a class of sixth graders at John F. Kennedy Middle School as a poem.

When some students informed their parents about the material they had been reading, complaints were lodged against the substitute teacher.

A representative for the Suffolk County Public School District confirmed that the lyrics were not authorized to be given to the sixth graders.

The parents were so outraged, they met with the principal of the school who said the lyrics were meant to “identify figurative language.”

Going forward, the Principal for John F. Kennedy Middle School said school officials plan to monitor their lesson plans much more closely, in addition to assignments the students receive.

“The principal met with those teachers to discuss how it was inappropriate, and they agreed it should not have been used during the lesson,” said Suffolk Public Schools Public Information Officer Bethanne Bradshaw in a statement. “School administrators will more closely monitor their lesson plans, supplemental materials, and assignments. SPS encourages teachers to be creative, but they are also expected to exercise a high degree of professional judgment in their selection and use of supplemental materials, to ensure that the use of such materials serve to both support and complement the lesson.

The principal will be sending a letter home to parents as well.”

11 thoughts on “Substitute Teacher In Virginia P##### Of Parents With Slick Rick’s Lyrics”

  1. It ok b/c by the time these parents hear what these kids will be listening to they will want slick rick back lol

  2. These parents are bugging,that song had a clear message about the ills of going the wrong way giving in to peer pressure. That’s a message all kids need to hear. There’s no cussing, glorifying gangs and drugs and no abusive lyrics degrading women. That song is a straight up classic with a positive message. I think they were really mad because it was a rap song it’s obvious they didnt care about the message. They had to be some suburbans because kids in the city are physically exposed to so much drugs and violence. it makes this song seem like a fairytale.

  3. Ok AHH…. I can pick out at least 4 different articles from your site with misspellings and incorrect grammar usage. And that’s only from TODAY! Who the f*ck is the editor over there? Y’all need new people.

  4. The Notorious GUNS

    Irregardless of context, just the thought of their kids hearing/reciting:

    “Rat-tat-tat-tater and all the cops scattered.
    Ran outta bullets and he still had static.
    Grabbed the pregnant lady and pulled out the automatic.
    Pointed at her head, he said the gun was full of lead.
    He told the cops, back off, or honey here’s dead.”

    …..that’s enough to scare uninformed parents. As I said, “Hey Young World” would have been a better (undisputed) choice.

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