Rap Legend Slick Rick Is Heading Abroad For His First International Show Since 1990


(AllHipHop News) Rap legend Slick Rick is heading abroad for his first international show since 1990, when he hits the stage for the Out4Fame Festival in Cologne, Germany.

Slick Rick will be one of the main acts on the bill for the festival on July 31, which will also include performances by Method Man, Redman, Rick Ross, Masta Ace, Onyx, De La Soul and German rapper Sido.

“I am honored to have been invited to perform at the Out4FAME festival” said Rick. “And to be sharing a stage with my emcee brothers, at one the most highly-regarded Hip-Hop festivals outside of the United States will be unforgettable. I am looking forward to checking out the German culture, and performing my German fans. I will also be confirming more foreign dates in the very near future.”

The rapper, born Ricky Walters, has only had his American citizenship since April. His citizenship was finally granted in April of 2016, after a 23-year battle that started when the rapper shot his cousin in what he has labeled as “self-defense.”

Slick Rick served three-and-a-half years for the shooting, in addition to another four spent locked up an INS detention center.

Eventually, in 2008, Slick Rick was granted an unconditional pardon by then Governor David Paterson.

The trip to Cologne will mark the first time Slick Rick has set foot on German soil.

“OUT4FAME Festival and OUT4FAME Entertainment is excited to welcome Slick Rick, the legendary emcee and master storyteller to Germany for the first time ever. As true Hip-Hop fans ourselves, we want to give festival goers a taste of hip hop history” states Mario DaCosta, manager of the festival.”

In addition to the performances, the Out4Fame Festival will feature Breakdancing, Beatboxing and DJ’ing performances, in addition to showcasing emerging talent from around the world.

13 thoughts on “Rap Legend Slick Rick Is Heading Abroad For His First International Show Since 1990”

  1. Fight Racism With Kindness

    Shout to Slick Rick. Second most famous rapper to have shot a family member. (Jay Z)

  2. Anthony Mason

    Yeah. Jay is a bast***. He even will tell you. I cant trust dude beyond far as I can punch him….That is just off principle. He is slimey….

  3. Fight Racism With Kindness

    He raps his a** off though. From in my lifetime to drug dealers anonymous. There might be a year or two since then that someone else took but no one been this good for this long.

  4. Dope lineup…but one of these names just doesn’t belong here:

    Slick Rick
    Method Man
    Off. Rick Ross
    Masta Ace
    De La Soul

  5. Over 20 years of not being allowed to tour or do shows outside of America. One can only imagine how much money he lost out on over that time period.

  6. Innocent Bystander

    Why is Slick Rick giving a broad head newsworthy? And can’t you people take the time to make sure your grammar is good?

  7. He is back on fire but I dont think he has another classic in him. Reasonable Doubt and Blueprint were his classics. Vol 2 was hot too. Rest was basically garbage until watch the throne and that was Kanye doing that…

  8. Last time I saw clips of Ricky rockin a crowd was like 5 years ago and he still had the same jewelry he copped for the art of story telling in like 98.. Who doesn’t drop a album or tour for more than a decade and still has all that gold and diamond’s??

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