No Bail For Rapper Kidd Creole Over Homeless Man’s Murder


(AllHipHop News) Rap veteran Kidd Creole has been held without bail following his arraignment on a second-degree murder charge.

The Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five star, real name Nathaniel Glover, was arrested on Wednesday in connection to the fatal stabbing of homeless John Jolly, a registered sex offender, in New York City.

He appeared before a Manhattan criminal court judge on Thursday, when Assistant District Attorney Mark Dahl claimed Glover had become “infuriated” because he thought the vagrant was gay and making a move on him.

The 57-year-old reportedly feared Jolly would try and rob him, so he pulled out a steak knife he had strapped to his arm and attacked the man.

Jolly, 55, sustained two stab wounds to the chest and was later hospitalized, where he was declared dead.

Glover, who had headed straight to work at a building nearby following the confrontation, remained quiet as Dahl recounted the incident in detail to demonstrate “the strength of the case” reports the Associated Press.

The suspect allegedly told Dahl he had washed the blood off the knife at his workplace, and had left his job early, tossing the weapon into a sewer as he headed home.

However, defense lawyer Patrick Watts questioned the prosecutor’s account, declaring the evidence is all “circumstantial.”

Glover, who was previously arrested in 2007 for possession of a gravity knife, was returned to his jail cell without bail following the arraignment hearing.

8 thoughts on “No Bail For Rapper Kidd Creole Over Homeless Man’s Murder”

  1. Judah Divine Truth

    Tha kid was in a drug state when he snapped! I wonder how his brother melle mel fell about this! This is a sad day in hip hop! The message iz a real song!

  2. Judah Divine Truth

    Was u with him knickfan4life! Do u noe mr glover! Unlest u kno him u dont kno what his state of mind was! Tell me a sober man would have stabbed a man up like that! Gtfoh! Dont have 2 read it again! Its common sense! SMFH

  3. Judah Divine Truth

    Plus when they recorded white lines! Melle mel was talkin bout base and he was smokin crack then! Do the math son! Melle was a basehead then! I kno hip hop! I grew up in the 70’s potna i followed flash and the furious 5! Do u kno y they broke up? Know your hip hop history! Son! Do some research b4 u talk 2 an og of this thang son! O yeah and the knicks r garbage! I would b ashamed 2 call myself a knicks fan! U must b from ny! Lmao

  4. Judah Divine Truth

    The papers dont kno the whole story! They only noe what somebody told them! They wasnt there they dont noe what happened! U gotta understand the media! They print hearsay, obvious facts’ not the whole truth! Only what a witness or it was obvious a muder! A stabbing! Somebody mustve seen it! Otherwise y they catch him so quik! U guess it was on camera 2! Anyway r.i.p. 2 the victim! And ima say a prayer 4 the kid! May GOD have mercy on your soul

  5. nowhere in the story does it say he was on anything making your own alternate news. you get a drug test when you get locked up in nyc this was nothing more than every day foolishness in nyc . kreole according to his story thought the man made a drunken pass at him and it escalated Quickly.

  6. Judah Divine Truth

    Well homie this is the 2nd time the kid been arrested 4 a stabbing, so either he on dope or has mental problems! All the facts r not out! But the 1st thing that cause murders r mental, drug or alcohol problems and thats a fact! Do your research! People dont just stab people because they got in a fight! Come on dude! This was a homeless un armed man! What threat is he? He didnt have a weapon! He could have just walked away! If the guy put hands on him then thats self defense! But u cant just murder a man cause he came on 2 u! Thats mental or drugs!

  7. Judah Divine Truth

    Kid could’ve been in a depression or something! Its a hard pill 2 swallow that u went from a star 2 a murderer! Well tjats what the song the message was about! ” dont push me cause im close 2 tha edge! Im tryin not 2 lose my head! Its like a jungle sometime, it makes me wonder how i keep from goin under! Im bout 2 listen 2 the message rite now! If u a REAL FAN like me! Then study the lyrics and get back! Thats if u own a copy of the album! Or song

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