EXCLUSIVE: Skyzoo Releases Statement After Being Stopped By NYPD Following Chinx’s Funeral


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(AllHipHop News) Brooklyn resident Skyzoo was one of the attendees at Lionel “Chinx” Pickens’ funeral services on Tuesday. According to the “Luxury” rapper, the evening ended with a harassing encounter with New York City police officers.

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Sky first addressed the incident on his Instagram page, but he followed that with a full statement released to AllHipHop.com. Check out Skyzoo’s IG post and read his full statement on the matter below.

Stay woke out here y'all. Smh. #NeverWasComfortableAroundCops #NeverWillBe

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Knowing where we are in this country nowadays, it didn’t surprise me, but still trapped me in emotions as I was pulled over and harassed by plainclothes cops, around the corner from a funeral procession mind you.

As I left my man Chinx’ funeral in Queens, I got in my car and proceeded to pull off of the block, and within seconds, I was boxed in by three trucks, all hitting their lights and sirens at the same time. Officers resembling Jimmy McNulty hopped out of each truck, yanked open the driver and passenger side doors (never mind that I was alone, no passenger in sight), demanding my driver’s license and asking where I was coming from and what I was doing in the neighborhood, while looking inside the doors and under the seats of the car.

I obliged and answered all their questions, biting my tongue and keeping my responses PC throughout the duration of the ordeal. They grilled me, grilled my license, grilled me, grilled my license, repeatedly. Asked where I lived and I responded “I live where it says on my license, Brooklyn.”

I then thought to myself, “F*ck, was that response too snappy? Is duke gonna pull out and aim at me for responding the way I did? Are they gonna cuff me on some sort of bullsh*t insubordination?”

Luckily, they either ignored or made light of the comment and said, “You look like someone we’re searching for. It’s not you though. You’re free. Get out of here.” I drove off without thinking twice.

I dwelled on the fact that he said “you’re free,” when clearly I’m not. Clearly, dressed in a button down and tie, coming from a funeral, around the corner from the church, I looked like whomever they’re looking for.

Nah, I’m just brown, and that’s all that matters in 2015. Same as 2005, same as 1995, and so on. So clearly, I’m not free. And if you resemble me in race and gender, you sadly aren’t either. Stay woke out here. They’re making it a wasteland for us indeed. No typo.

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32 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Skyzoo Releases Statement After Being Stopped By NYPD Following Chinx’s Funeral”

  1. This cat gets no love, he’s rumored to have written for Jay Z, but Zoo has recorded some great albums and gets no respect… Much respect to Skyzoo and Torae, Barrel Brothers… Keep pushing…

  2. @Skyzoo, real talk my brotha. Be safe out here… Peace
    @AHH, very nice. More of this please, less BS…..

  3. W.E.B. Du Bois

    (even tho Im pro-police) — ” he looked like sumbody ” is a generic lie fo them to use – ny cops are the most disrespectful cuz of the stop n frisk approval

  4. First off I always thought Skyzoo was mad underrated.. second that’s some bullsh*t, but with the way society is right now and how sensitive everyone is to everything, its no surprise. FOH with all that “you look like someone we were looing for” bullsh*t too.. they sure know how to waste someones time. On the flipside, im glad he decided to keep his composure and not give them the hassle that they were looking for..big ups for that because that could have went either way had he done that


    This the favorite in Florida, “Your tag light is out”, u mind if i search your car. Hell No! Me i like to F## with them, (cause my sh*t is Clean), I say, u mind if I record this, i want post it on the internet. Joker turn red ” you have a nice day”, LOL!

  6. With all due respect dude, you are acting fricking bi-polar. Read your statement again, then pick a fricking side. Damn, Switzerland a## pro-police/pro-populace a##, confused a## hmm… person! SMH…

  7. Police just go around messing with everybody…..one of these days they gone try that s### with the wrong person

  8. New Day Imports

    Oh and the statement is worthless, just blah blah blah. Y’all niccas are the ones that got the cops actin this way in the first place. They were just doing their jobs, thats all. I hate cops too, so Im not sticking up. You just wanna release a statement about what cops do to everybody just to create something, perhaps a buzz

  9. is it because he is black or the cops are keeping tabs on these guys because there getting killed left and right because nyc hip hop police know majority of these guys are gang related

  10. If That Is Not The Pot Calling The Kettle Black…
    Just Quit While You’re Behind….. SMH

  11. W.E.B. Du Bois

    its you provin’ you Stupid , we see yo d###### typing without havin’ a thought to type

  12. Shut your dumb a## up. You hatemonger… SMH… You keep change names but the messenger/message are the same……… beat it chump…..

  13. Quit stirring up hate…. SMH… beat it… You trying to bait young minded brothers into ignorance… beat it…..

  14. I agree with your sentiments about many of these dudes making things worse.. BUT Officers are sworn to uphold the law. They freely break the law with a wanton disrespect, and there is no recourse period. Do you understand how illogical it is to use a law breaker as justification for someone who is sworn to uphold the law to break it.

    How about everyone breaks the law goes to jail for once… I know right, what a novel idea..

  15. I’m the wrong person. I’m that nicca that a have a crooked cop in court sweatin bullets… As the plantiff..

  16. I’d be shocked if he wrote for Jay Z considering just how personal and experiential Hov’s rhymes are. Kinda hard to write for a dude whose rhymes are plucked directly out of his own life.

    If anything, Skyzoo bit Hov’s style of delivery, that is where the rumor may stem from, perhaps.

  17. Trust, I don’t believe he did any writing for jay. But you would think NY would be behind him a lil more

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