Dog Attack Comes Back To Bite Chris Brown

Chris Brown

The superstar singer has been socked with a lawsuit After his dog bit one of his maids.

(AllHipHop News) 

Chris Brown is facing more legal woes over an alleged dog attack at his home in California.

Patricia Avila claims she and her sister were hired by the singer to clean his Tarzana home twice a week and all was well until one of his dogs, a large Caucasian Shepherd, wandered into the back yard and attacked while the maids were emptying a vacuum cleaner.

Avila alleges the dog tore into her sister, ripping several inches of skin off her arm and biting her face.

Brown, who was home at the time, called for emergency services and the woman was taken to a nearby hospital, where she was treated for days.

She has since been left with severe anxiety and panic attacks, according to Avila’s legal documents, obtained by TMZ.

Avila is suing Chris for damages, claiming he failed to protect her from his dog. It’s unclear if her sister – the actual victim of the dog attack – is filing a separate suit.

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