DJ Quik Challenges Kanye West, Says “He’s A Kardashian”


(AllHipHop News) Recently West Coast OG rapper/producer extraordinaire DJ Quik let the world know he’s not feeling the “New Kanye” in a recent interview with NoahTV.

From the onset of the video clip Quik goes in calling Kanye scared of his own music.

“Kanye so scared, he don’t know what to do with The Life of Pablo. Lets just keep this sh*t all the way 100,” Quik retorted when asked about Kanye’s T.L.O.P..

“Is this the kind of album that you would really want to go buy and go home and listen to?,” Quik asked. “So his celebrity supersedes his talent right now? He’s a Kardashian now, what the f*ck?”

While the words might seem harsh, Quik said this isn’t a diss or any sort of beef, but merely a challenge for Kanye to make better music.

“What he gonna do beat me up? It’s Kanye. See this is a challenge, this ain’t a diss. This is a challenge, make your best music, because fans aren’t stupid, they’re just not,” Quik explained to NoahTV.

Last month Quik expressed displeasure with the fact that Kanye was getting the credit for bringing back the revered yet troubled singer El Debarge.

Kanye has yet to fire back on social media, but was pictured on Instagram in Iceland with Kourtney Kardashian, The Dream and of course Kim K.

On top of a glacier!

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35 thoughts on “DJ Quik Challenges Kanye West, Says “He’s A Kardashian””

  1. Well, Quik did “re-introduce” the world to El DeBarge first (the track “Hand In Hand” anyone?)……,but that was back in ’98. Still a dope song.

  2. It’s quik not quick and that s### wasn’t funny ? I see you on here all the time and you could do better cuh, no diss just real s###.

  3. Born and raised in Compton was that shiit, Dollarz and Cents….He just literally dismantled A-wax

  4. disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    Kanye makes music for his ears and what he likes and i don’t see why thats a problem Quick and if it translates to dollars well kudos to him…. What happened to the term do you? probably quick is high or something… Challenge isn’t when you talk like a child in kindergarten, real men know to speak when you see and not result to radio or bloggs. Quick i taught is an OG and should know better…. Trying too hard, the sunglasses inside the studio is some childish sh.t or trying to be cool kinda suck.. move. the man u are talking about is out on top of the glacier chilling (16 bars right there 🙂 Quick in a studio in compton wildin like a child… who is the winner?

  5. Plabo wasn’t all that, I hear mostly white people playing it. Kanye hasn’t been hip-hop since he worked with 2Chainz, and that was before Kim

  6. DJ Quik was the rmain reason why 2pac All Eyes On Me sounded the way it did because Quik and Daz mixed it. Don’t ever talk down on Quik fool.

  7. DJ Quik is late to the party, everybody with any sense knows that. Kanye is not nicknamed Koonye for nothing.

  8. Quik is that brotha!
    In Related News: Kim can’t even keep her legs closed long enough to take a darn picture. Look at her legs open, coat open and she’s jutting the puddy out at the world… SMH…

  9. It’s my opinion, I hope you can also read the article and type yours without questioning mine

  10. DJ Quick is in the Mothaf*kn houuuuuusssse #redtape Thats real talk right there from a LEGEND y’all 90’s babies have #noclue who Quik is or what he done from the game. #Rosecrans

  11. Nah you kind of went a bit far. Quik is an impresario in the production department. I mean none of the cats know the detail he did with production. Rapping nah. ALTHOUGH THAT HIM AND KORUPT ALBUM is better than the last 2 Kanye Albums.

  12. iuno… i think kanye’s music is just ahead of its time… you can’t say hes making music that sounds like so and so… his new album aint that bad man, yall really hating. s#### way better than yeezus and no celebrity said how bad that s### sucked


    QUIK is the Real Deal! Ye is a spazzed out, reality tv husband, who thinks the Sun shines out his azz…… his ‘music’ has steadily gone down hill …….. the Kartrashian curse!

  14. Quik told the truth, backpedalled just a tad, but he told the damn truth. Kanye’s instrumentals are aiight, his lyrical content is narcissistic trash.

  15. the truth no more to say. Quick said it most know it why get mad. Really fck who has more doe that is not what were discussing. quick is the reason why so many so called tracks from Dre were created…another subject.

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