DJ Quik Calls Out YG For Not Receiving Credit For “My N*gga”; YG Responds


(AllHipHop News) There seems to be some tension among Compton rappers.

Early this morning California Hip Hop legend DJ Quik went on an extended Twitter rant calling out fellow West Coast rhymer YG and his team.

“[Stampede Management], y’all had me engineer and record ‘My N-gga’ for [YG] and did not give me credit. My lawyer has you his [sic] sights. You’ve f-cked up,” wrote Quik.

The emcee/producer went on to add, “[YG] be safe on the block I invented.”

Quik also tweeted directly to fellow Stampede artist Snoop Dogg as well as YG’s CTE label head Jeezy.

He even demanded an RIAA platinum plaque from Def Jam for “My N-gga.”

This is not the first time DJ Quik has vented his frustrations about another recording artist via social media.

In March, he claimed it was “unfair” for Kanye West to receive credit for bringing back 1980’s era singer El DeBarge.

Two years ago, Quik also blasted Dr. Dre’s streaming app then known as Beats Music, suggesting his discography was purposely left off the platform.

The “Quik Is The Name” performer later returned to Twitter to admit he was wrong about his music being omitted from the service.

Read DJ Quik’s tweets below.


DJ Quik has since deleted the above tweets. At the moment, there has been no explanation given on why he decided to remove the posts.

 However, YG sent out his own tweet directed at Quik, writing, “F-ck the police [DJ Quik].”

36 thoughts on “DJ Quik Calls Out YG For Not Receiving Credit For “My N*gga”; YG Responds”

  1. Bloody Freddy from Elm St.

    So why did it take him almost 3 years to figure out he didn’t get credit? Soon as those plaques got issued and he didn’t receive one was when he should’ve spoke up.

  2. This guy acting like he wrote the music. I’ve been into this culture for a few decades now. Quik is this dude that you always *hear* of but never hear any music from. I’m talking back to the 90s.

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  4. Even if everything dude said is true,assuming he’s made his position clear to the other party involved,being hostile in social media can’t be a good way to resolve your differences. YG’s response I doubt will be without returning fire.

  5. Quik had tons of records and had a big hand in west coast sound. Im not sure what you are referring to as far as “never hear music from”?


    What culture have you been into? Country & Western music! How in 1 sentence can you type “I’ve been into this culture for a few decades now” & then the next you say “Quik is this dude that you always *hear* of but never hear any music from”.

  7. You mean like Dre, Muggs, Daz ? Name me 10 songs from Dj Quik that are worth a ish and remembered/relevant. YEAH I SAID IT.

  8. Sorry everyone doesn’t live in your little west coast rap bubble. He’s someone you saw his ads in the Source, hear him mentioned online, never hear his music on the radio or on MTV Raps /Rap City back in the day.

  9. nope. especially with someone like YG. he isnt just going to bow out and be like “your right im sorry” even if he is wrong.

  10. F police, is he saying Quik a snitch? Compton doesn’t need any more drama lol Are they from the same hood?

  11. ?IDon'tLikeThatShit?

    from new orleans and my pops and a lot of my older relatives around my pops age have a crap load of dj quik records. I used to listen to his tracks riding arou with my pops around 99


    I’M NOT DOING HOMEWORK FOR YOU!! Your the guy who says “I love Hip Hop” but the only rap you’ve ever listened to for a few decades is MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Tone Loc, Young MC & anyone MTV didn’t have to have a staff meeting to show on their network!!! YEAH I SAID IT!!!

  13. Let the record show that all these DJ Quick worshippers couldnt name a single song that was important. You think the same would happen for Nas, KRS, Snoop, Wu Tang, Kenrick, etc? I rest my case.

    I think you put a typo. Should’ve been MS. UNDI$PUTED THE MOGUL.

  14. dont cheat ya ppl bro- we need that respect among each other. Regardless what set street or block you claim we are all in it together as far as they concerned.

  15. well since white people make up 77% of the U.S. population as of July 1st 2015 none of those stats should be surprising or alarming.

  16. Got to give credit where credit is due. Usually in these situations, Quick probably tried to handle the situation privately and it didn’t work so he’s going this route.

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  18. Break Quik his bread, young blood. Give respect to the OG……. Any of yall young dudes who think Quik is not built for this, I understand that yall are kids…….

  19. lmao ohh yeah change no dollars but change ….lets be serious your people kill each other like frogs do flies, there is no respect for human life. white people aren’t any better but but at least they have respect for human life. this country will be a 3rd world country in 3 years with all the handouts, $hit it almost is already. you have to learn to succeed here without help and without killing each other before your statement can be taken seriously.

  20. YG needs to humble himself cuz at the end of the day, dj quik is HIS big homie who paved the way for his hood and bloods period . im pretty sure hes still heavy on those compton streets cause all his homies are big homies. quik always been underrated and unappreciated, but i dont think he would be a crab and sue YG solely because of his success

  21. and for the record, quik would eat YG up in a battle AND his B-Walk is always gon be rawer than his

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