Kool Rula Shows Crazy Versatility On New Single “Relentless”

Enlisting the feature of friend and close collaborator, Lexx Lunar, Kool Rula dismantles and dissects the beat with immaculate flows and lyricism. Before the rap fame and discovery of his inert ability to manipulate flows and bend words to his …

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Enlisting the feature of friend and close collaborator, Lexx Lunar, Kool Rula dismantles and dissects the beat with immaculate flows and lyricism.

Before the rap fame and discovery of his inert ability to manipulate flows and bend words to his will like a chameleon in the booth, the artist known as Kool Rula was Sonel Francois. He was born within the war-torn republic of Haiti but alongside his father, he would migrate to the States when he was only one year old in hopes of a better slice of life. Prior to moving, his father had worked as part of the island’s infamous secret police and it was his wish to improve their lives in America. However, old habits die hard, and his father’s old ways was instilled in him through the atrocities he was forced to see and do in his past. Having ties with a notorious Haitian street gang, his father couldn’t shake the mentality of where he came from and instead implemented it where he now resided. 

Kool Rula would ultimately live in the gang influenced lifestyle of his dad, which created a toxic environment for a child to grow up. Luckily, his father wanted better for Rula, not wanting him trapped in the vicious cycle that had him chained. Rula was often sent to his grandfather’s house due to this. As an escape from his dysfunctional upbringing, Rula would turn to sports and music as an outlet. His voice turned out to be amazing, enough so that his music teacher foresaw he was destined for greatness. After singing in chorus and talent shows during elementary school, Rula would later drop out after being teased for his high voice. 

At the age of 15 Rula would experience the passing of his father due to liver disease. Because of this he found a better home moving in with his grandfather. Being away from his dad’s street influences allowed Rula to dabble in songwriting. He would find inspiration in the creative influence of local producer, DJ Chipman widely known for his curations of “Peanut Butter Jelly Time,” and “Ice Cream and Cake.” Kool found himself immersed in the local music scene assisting the DJ/producer carrying speakers and equipment at parties. He took that opportunity to soak up a lot of knowledge from the veteran, but it was after graduating from Miami Edison Senior High School that he really got deeper into music.

This time, managing artists, one of which was his close friend, Lexx Lunar. Fate however had other plans for Rula. Upon joining Lexx in a studio session and assisting with bars for his song with Ali Coyote, they both pushed Rula to rap his own lyrics. After at first being reluctant, he complied, and it formed trio gold. They went on to record the breakthrough single “Smooth Sailing,” which brought them into the meeting room of a local record label. They signed an ownership deal, handing over the song, but upon its release, all their credits were removed except for Ali.

The song went on to do numbers, but the world never knew of the background writers that created the hit. That moment however led to the creation of the 12-member supergroup Camp Shed. The collective released their debut mixtape “Open House” in 2017, which brought the group much deserved recognition. Sadly, the fame would spike egos and their unison would fall apart, but not without Rula embarking on his solo career.

Kool Rula took the time to dedicate his focus solely on moving ahead with his artistry and it brought a new sense of passion and grind to the talented spitter. He would manifest his potential and develop the top tier status he has today. Rula honed his craft to the point of perfection, becoming an artist that could create a hit over any beat or genre. His projects became a mystery to fans, not knowing what sort of flow or melodies they’d receive until it was released. It added a sense of excitement to the industry whenever he was working on something new. His delivery is never replicated, every track has its own identity and vibe.

Whether wild, loud, screaming, calm, melodic, or pop, Rula made music for the entire world. This was evident in his adaptation on DJ Chipman’s runaway single “Get Out the Way” and further illustrated on the pop-inspired single “Want Me.” What he possessed was a rare trait that a very select few artists are able to accomplish. A multifaceted mind that can adapt to any form of musical rendition. This inspired fans to dub Rula the chameleon of the music industry for his uncanny skill to modify his music to perfectly fit into any space like traits of water. Rula had within him, a skillset that was instilled in his DNA, unable to be duplicated or simply passed on through teaching. 

With demand for his music at an all time high, Rula would release several singles, including “Smacking,” “Want Me,” and most recently, “Relentless” featuring Lexx Lunar. “Relentless” is accompanied with a stunningly vivid music video that places Rula and Lexx in a war zone type junk yard equipped with tanks and endless artillery while they go back and forth with a display of quite frankly, some of the hardest lyrics and melodic transitions to grace a beat. The track serves as the perfect teaser for Kool Rula’s upcoming solo debut EP “Chill Boy,” scheduled for release later this year.

Kool Rula has more than enough talent to be regarded among legends already leaving their name in the history books. His catalog is already overpowering to many and time will only define his empire more. Follow hip hop’s next superstar and stream his latest single “Relentless.”

Instagram: www.instagram.com/officialkoolrula

“Relentless”: https://youtu.be/4KRHZ3LTVD4

Website: http://www.koolrula.com


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