EXCLUSIVE: Rittz Talks New York, New Album, & 'New' Freestyle


Hip-Hop, a compelling entity with an indifferent attitude, permeates the global zeitgeist. Many skilled MCs have attempted to gain its attention. Some frails succeed while other linguistic-savants languish; the journey is the reward. Welding an compromised approach, Georgia native, Rittz, exerts his cache of credible experiences and talent to invigorate his art.

Challenged to defy his age, and manifest his dreams, the rapid-fire-MC is destined to continue to prove to Strange Music and to himself that his words are priceless. In this conversation with Rittz, the resolute MC give his unblemished opinion on everything from his experiences in New York to his cultivation of new music.

AllHipHop exclusive interview:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4dgaxBw6Ls&w=560&h=315]


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15 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Rittz Talks New York, New Album, & 'New' Freestyle”

  1. I can say with pride, that I feel extremely lucky to have experienced the last era of traditional hip hop (early mid 2000’s) before this kind of stuff became acceptable.

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  3. Rittz is dope and is more like a 90s 2000 artist, not sure what your talking about……

  4. Ok, I did some research, and yes I did judge far too quickly. I first saw his song with Mike Posner and thats why I made my comment. That song is TRASH….However I was impressed with his other material, not my preferred sound. But he can spit….Touche.

  5. No offense bruh but that “early to mid 2000’s era” your talking about is the period of time that gave us Lil Jon, the Ying Yang Twinz & Mims…… Wasn’t no golden age man

  6. Indeed you are right, it was the era where it all started going downhill…..But it was the same time that a whole bunch of artists were coming out, and taking rhyming to a new level. (Stack Bundles, Papoose, Jr Writer, Grafh, Cyssero,Lloyd Banks, Cassidy, Nucci Reyo, Jae Millz). It was looking so promising….

  7. Your entitled to your opinion. The people who were following hip hop around that time know what I am talking about.However I dont think you can classify them as “wack” when you look at what we have today.

  8. Jonathan Bacher

    You’re right about that. Not wack.

    But most are definitely not great examples of lyricism or overall skill either.

  9. I dont agree with that statement, give me some examples of what you mean. Lyricism and skills, what was what they did best…Making songs was an area they did not.

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