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Fly Guy DC: The Ultimate Culture Connector In Atlanta

AllHipHop caught up with Fly Guy DC to discuss his household growing up in Atlanta, why he’s the voice of the millennials, mastering the art of hosting, getting his own night show on air, Cardi B shouting him out on her IG Live, introducing Russ and Lil Baby, getting a plaque from Mulatto, and more!

Fly Guy DC

Atlanta Artist ISSA Wants To Be The Voice of His Generation

Read below as we discuss ISSA’s biggest influences, his dad helping him write lyrics, long-time friendship with Jacquees, how “Always” came to be, the music video shoot, studio essentials, what he wants fans to get from his story, fatherhood, dream collab, and more! 


Gritty Lex Is Hip Hop’s Real Life “Euphoria”

AllHipHop caught up with Gritty Lex in Los Angeles, who was rocking her very own blinged sweatpants, with the words Gritty Lexy sparkling across the front. Read below as we discuss her definition of gritty, roots in Sacramento, love for Juice WRLD, having the “Juice,” shooting the “Say You Do” visual, her own fashion brand, goals, and more!

Gritty Lex
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